Creating iOS apps

Digital agency ZECODE provides a professional development of iOS-applications since 2010. Thanks to extensive knowledge and many years of experience, we have learned to make simple and complex applications for iPhone, iPad and PDA, with iOS and MAC operating systems of different versions.

Close cooperation with marketers and experts in usability led to a deep understanding of the needs of users, we know how to make the application as efficient as possible. Your ideas are the "soul" of the application. After listening to the wishes, we will study the target audience, learn how they formulate queries, analyze similar applications in the App Store. What do users lack? The answer to this question will be your advantage.

We carefully think over and document all stages, after which specialists start working on implementation:

Designers draw a layout, developers turn it into the accomplished product. The code is written in Swift or Objective-C, we use both proven and newest technologies. We are sympathetic to the timing of projects and will provide reports on the completed tasks at each of the development stages.

To be sure of the correct operation of the application, manual and automated tests are conducted, after which the application is placed for free in the AppStore.

As a result, you get a quality iOS application with a user-friendly interface and attractive design that meets Apple's standards and usability.

Even after the successful closure of the project, we provide technical support, as well as regularly update applications for new versions of iOS.

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Creating Android apps

Creating an application for Android OS opens additional opportunities for your business. While others are just learning to use cross-platform technologies, you have a unique chance to get to the top, making a powerful leap into the Android world, where more than 1.4 billion active users live, the number of which is calculated every year.

The team of ZECODE converts them into your customers. Being an experienced team in the field of creating Android-applications for smartphones, tablets and PDAs, we provide the necessary support at any stage of development. The way to the hearts of customers is through the satisfaction of their needs, so we always start working with market research, competitors, the target audience and their preferences. Describe what business tasks the application should solve, and we will figure out how to implement it.

In the process of working, your ideas turn into prototypes of the main pages, and then take shape in mock-ups, drawn by the best designers. Visual C #, Visua C ++ and JAVA are programming languages used in development for Android.

The development of Android applications is different from iOS, but usability laws always work. Intuitive design, adapting to any model of the device and various screen resolutions, convenient layout of menus and buttons - all this will be taken into account when creating the application.

Quality control is the unchanging principle of the work of our team. We publish the application only when absolutely sure that everything is working correctly and meets the standards, and after the launch, we continue to support the project.

We are interested in your success, therefore we guarantee a highly effective result in a short time, in compliance with our commitments.

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Creating applications for Windows

Digital agency ZECODE is one of the few companies that create applications for Windows operating systems. We undertake projects of any complexity, while ensuring consistently high quality of products and services.
The Windows - business applications, e-commerce, entertainment and multimedia, news, and educational apps - and we can all be happy to invite you to see this.

Feature of applications for Windows Phone - adhere to the style of Metro:

Graphic minimalism, readability, smooth animations, flat rectangular tiles. The main idea of ​​Metro - the focus on the text that fits well into the concept of mobile design, which is also important readability and ease of navigation.

By trusting us to develop the application for Windows, you can be assured of timely execution, decent quality in accordance with the standards of the Microsoft Store.

We do not just create an application, but we convert your ideas into a result that brings real income.

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Creating Web Projects

Development of web projects is our main specialization. Do you want to create a one-page lending, corporate website, online store, web application, social network, game projects, forum or intranet system for automating business processes? We can do projects of any complexity - everything that you can imagine and describe to us.

In the process of creating any project, we pay special attention to design. The team employs professional web designers with many years of experience that develop unique graphical interfaces, draw details, create animations and effects. The technical part of the work includes web programming and configuration both on the client side and on the server side.

At the heart of our activities is a comprehensive approach, which is based on four web-based whales: a strong concept, beautiful graphics, convenient navigation and advanced technologies, which allows you to effectively solve the tasks you set.

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Design, 2D, 3D modeling

The topic of design development is worthy of special attention. And we always come to it with trembling, like an inspired artist who peers into a clean canvas, imagining what his picture will be. The picture is designed to evoke emotions in the beholder, the task of website design is to form a positive image.

Good design inspires admiration, cuts into memory, encourages the visitor to act and return to him again. And if you've ever heard the expression "Wow-effect", then we are aiming for it.

Design development begins in a dialogue with the client. In many ways, the direction of the designer's thoughts determines the tasks that you assign to the site. The layout of the car parts store is different from the layout, for example, the image catalog of a well-known brand. In the first it is advisable to focus attention on the information side, the second task is to take the soulfulness of artistic content.

Some sites require more detailed elaboration of details than usual. For example, to attract buyers of cosmetics or clothes, we must show the goods from all sides, invite them mentally to "try on" the product. These tasks successfully solve 2D and 3D modeling. Before us the grandiose work opens: to think over combinations of colors, variants of the sizes and colors, as much as possible coinciding with the original, and also to emphasize advantages, to pay attention to pleasant trifles, accessories, materials.

When the functions of the site meet the needs of users, they reciprocate. By marketing research we will determine which design suits your target audience and, depending on its preferences, we will select the most effective design.

No matter how difficult the tasks may seem, if you choose us to design, we will show you that anything is possible. The key to success for us is the principle of the golden mean: a competent combination of information and image component.

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Finalization and technical support

Even after a successful launch, the site needs attention. Over time, there may be different situations that will require prompt action. We recommend taking care of this in advance and appointing someone who will be involved in the development and maintenance of your site.

It happens that help is needed urgently, mistakes have occurred, the site has become too long to load or the payment period for hosting has ended - at this time you can lose valuable customers. It is good to have digital agency "ZeCode" at hand, which instantly comes to the rescue, reanimates, corrects errors and optimizes the work of the site.

The appearance, functionality and content of the site also inevitably loses relevance. To stay in good standing with customers and search engines, it is worth regularly updating the design, functionality, and rewriting texts on the site.

By giving the site to us for service, you will save a lot of time, and all the routine work will be gladly performed by our specialists.

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